Rahakott.io anonymous multicurrency cryptowallet with the mixer feature.

P2P exchanges ‐ withdraw mixed cryptocurrency to fiat.
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Private Rahakott.io does not require a phone number or email, just save a mnemonic phrase, which is also a key to your wallet.
P2P Exchanges

Withdraw anonymous cryptocurrency: BTC, LTC, BCH, ZEC, Dash and other to fiat.

At times when almost every exchange is hacked and more than a billion dollars has been stolen by hackers, when public "wallet companies" demand personal data and documents from the holders under the pressure of tax and special services.
Rahakott remains independent, reliable and the most convenient wallet in the world.

It's time to take back your privacy!

Providing anonymity for Rahakott.io users

Built-in mixer makes it almost impossible to track your transactions.

All wallets of the service are deterministic.

That means that a new address will be generated for each transaction, which significantly increases the anonymity of a user.
Capability to work in virtual tunnels such as Tor.


Hacking does not make sense

You do not need an email, password and phone number to sign up. Only a mnemonic phrase and 2FA are used, which makes it pointless to steal users' credentials.

All the data is securely encrypted on the servers, even the developers cannot reach it.

Capability to set 2FA to your account.

The funds belong only to you.
Set up access to your savings with one-time codes. Unlike SMS, it is impossible to intercept one-time codes via the cellular company or SIM-card cloning.

About the wallet

Multicurrency - keep your funds in BTC, BCH, LTC, XMR, ZEC, DASH and other popular cryptocurrencies.

Create wallet

Signing up takes literally 20 seconds. We do not require your email, phone number, login or even password. A mnemonic phrase* will be automatically generated for you.

* The mnemonic phrase is the key to your funds, the main thing is to hide it properly and not to lose it.

After signing up you can gain access to your funds literally in 20 seconds.

P2P exchanges

Private Rahakott.io with deterministic wallets and a mixer acts as a big mixer thus you can make withdrawals to fiat and not worry about tracking a chain of transactions of your cryptocurrency. Not only are cryptocurrency transactions simplified, but cryptocurrency trading is also facilitated by the Bitcoin Circuit Auto Trading Bot. Visit https://kryptoszene.de/bitcoin-robot/bitcoin-circuit/ to learn more about this.

Why is Rahakott trusted?

Thousands of transactions are made every day by means of Rahakott. A staggering 4 million tradings are executed every year with the help of automated trading robots like Bitcoin Superstar. The Bitcoin Superstar trading robot specially designed to trade various cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, can execute trades on behalf of its users. Please consider signing up with this software after visiting https://coincierge.de/bitcoin-superstar/. High anonymity, convenient features and friendly help desk make the service one of the best among similar services.

Prompt, instant and friendly support represented by the developers of the wallet.

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