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≥ 15 USD
Payment method
9675.55 USD
Payment window
60 mins
Terms of trade with mike
По данному направлению осуществляется покупка биткоинов за доллары платежной системы вебмани
Перевод осуществляется на долларовый счёт вебмани

Trading amount

Enter amount in cryptocurrency or fiat
If you entered amount in only one field, another will be calculated. If you filled both field, the priority will be given to fiat. You can use the calculator by pressing the arrow. To start the deal, press the button "Trade start".
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If you buy cryptocurrency:
  • Carefully read through the terms of trade, that the trader specified, if you agree with them completely, go to the next step
  • Specify the necessary amount of cryptocurrency to buy or use the built-in calculator
  • Press the button Trade Start
  • Immediately after the start of the deal, the cryptocurrency on the seller's account becomes 'frozen'
  • It is necessary to transfer fiat (dollars, euros) to the seller within the time specified in PAYMENT WINDOW and press the button "Mark fiat released". If you forget to do so, the deal will be canceled automatically. You can cancel the deal on your own before the button "Mark fiat released" is pressed.
  • The seller confirms receiving your funds and the cryptocurrency is deposited to your wallet
No matter whether you buy or sell cryptocurrency it is vitally important to keep all the communication with the trader within the deal on the cryptocurrency wallet site, only in this case it will be possible to contact the help desk in the event of a dispute or disagreement with the trader.