Terms of service

  • Network transaction fee is automatically adjusted depending on the transaction size and present cryptocurrency network load.
  • Fee amount for a transfer to an internal address: none
  • Minimum amount for a transfer to an internal address within the same account: none
  • A transfer to an internal address is not shown on the blockchain. In case of a strong necessity for a transaction id as a proof of completed payment mark the checkbox "Don't use internal transfer".
  • In case the checkbox "Subtract fees from amount" is unmarked, there should be guaranteed minimum amount of 1 network fee on wallet deposit. This requirement is due to the fact that the network fee is unknown beforehand.
  • In case the checkbox "Subtract fees from amount" is unmarked, the service and network fees are added to the minimum amount.
  • Inputs of transactions whose amount is less than 2 network fees will be ignored (minimum input amount for Ethereum is 0.00000001).
Service fees
Currency Service Fee Min Network Fee Min Transfer Amount
BTC 0 0.0001 0.00015
BCH 0 0.00001 0.00001
LTC 0 0.00005 0.001
ZEC 0 0.00012 0.0001
DASH 0 0.00010 0.0001
ETH 0 0.001053 0.003
XMR 0 0.025000 0.05
Minimum overall fee amount for an external transfer
Currency Minimum Overall Fee
BTC 0.0001
BCH 0.00001
LTC 0.00005
ZEC 0.00012
DASH 0.00010
ETH 0.001053
XMR 0.025000

Incoming transaction is considered successful after the following number of confirmations of the cryptocurrency network:

Currency Confirmations
BCH 12
ZEC 12
ETH 24
XMR 10