API usage update

Dear API users!

We have analyzed the API usage and came to the conclusion that the great majority of API users create wallets with the aim of a one-time deposit and internal transfer to the main wallet. Unfortunately, almost none of the users delete wallets created in this way. Therefore, we for our part have taken a number of steps to improve the work of the service:

  1. Commands /payment and /payment/check were introduced to implement the logic of receiving a one-time payment. We strongly recommend switching to these new commands.
  2. Restrictions have been introduced:
    • It is allowed to create no more than 60 wallets per hour
    • It is allowed to create no more than 90 one-time payments per hour
    • Wallets created by means of the command /wallets/new will expire in 14 days after creation and will be deleted automatically when the balance is zero
  3. Wallets that were created before will expire on the 1st of February 2019 and will be automatically deleted from your account provided that they have zero balance.

Sincerely yours, Rahakott team.

Warrant canary
We have placed a warrant canary on the wallet website.
Rahakott does not support BCH SV
Dear Rahakott customers, please note that the wallet works with BCH ABC, not BCH SV (BSV). Funds in BSV will not be processed and credited to your account.
Password recovery policy
Dear Rahakott users, we have changed our policy about the password recovery. For more details see FAQ.
Upcoming changes in API rules
New rules for API users will be applied on the 13th of November. See the API section on the website for detailed information.
API: deposit fee
Due to the rapid growth in the number of transactions from API users, we are going to introduce a moderate deposit transaction fee soon. This fee applies only to API (Application Programming Interface) users.
Monero hard fork
The wallet has been updated to comply with the upcoming hard fork of Monero.
API e-mail
E-mail is required for using the API, it will only be used for personal notifications.
Order of wallets
Now the order of wallets on 'Wallets' page can be changed and it is also possible to rename the main wallet of each cryptocurrency.
Strong mixing
We have introduced a 'strong mixing' feature. Now there is no need to use external mixers.